About Us


All Sports 4 All Kids is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. All Contributions to our organization are tax deductible.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to help provide all kids ages 5 to 15 with families in low socio-economic status with an opportunity to play sports.  We envision that through this organization we can equip children with the tools to a healthy and proactive lifestyle.

What We Do

Our primary goal is to help kids whose families cannot afford to get their children involved in sports. We want to offer those kids an opportunity to explore their interests and experience what it is like to be part of a team.
Our board and staff work with our clients so as to help ensure them a grant from our organization. We work one-on-one with all of our clients and aspire to give each of them the chance to get involved in something they love.


At All Sports 4 All Kids, we strive to enforce and live by the ideals and values that started this organization. We want to instill the values of teamwork, hard work, motivation and dedication. We believe that by encouraging our youngest generation to get involved in sports, we can help better instill values.

Teamwork – Being able to work alongside a team is not exclusive to just sports. As a human, we encounter countless moments in our life where we are tested to work with others. Building a team and working well with others is a life-long task and a vital key to success. By helping our youngest generation get involved in sports, we can help instill this value at a young age.

Hard work – Playing sports is fun, but it also requires hard work. It is important to attend practices and set personal goals. Hard work on the field shows positive results during games but also at school and during other extra-curricular activities.

Motivation – Being motivated is more than just going to the practices and the games. It is about spending time outside of that to work on your own personal goals. Nothing is more satisfying than proving to yourself you can do something. This, however, is something that requires personal motivation. We believe that this is a crucial value in helping a child also create their own motivation outside the playing field and throughout the rest of their lives.

Dedication – Being committed to a team is a child’s youngest responsibility. Other teammates and coaches have a certain level of expectation now. Being dedicated means doing what you’re told but also striving to better improve yourself both on and off the field.